Use Balustrade Estimator

How do Smart DIY Balustrades work?

The self-install DIY option is designed, thanks to the innovative patented design, which allows you to self-assemble your balustrade yourself.
EZRails DIY balustrades: Choose your fixing method. Top or Side Mount Options; concrete / timber / steel. Fixing Options; Core Drill/Post Fix, Side Fix or Base Plate.
It is pretty straightforward in principle: Should you choose a Top Mount, concrete, post fixing option, your fixing method is used throughout the chosen layout.
Make sure you have stairs, a landing, and a balcony are concrete substrates. Use our epoxy to secure the post fix safely into place.

Smart DIY Balustrades

How to choose the best
Balustrade options

Take a look at the different steps you need to follow, in order to find the perfect match for your balustrades.

  • Step 1: Choose your style of balustrade type depending on your preferences and needs
  • Step 2: Measure up Smart auto calculate balustrade estimator
  • Step 3: Use the balustrade estimator to cost your project

Step 1: choose your Balustrade Style or
design depending on your
preferences and needs

Start your design project with ease:
Choose your ideal balustrade with our expert guidance on style and fitment.

Step 2: Measure Up, Smart auto calculate
balustrade estimator

Take measurements of your site. Taking measurements for such an installation requires basic knowledge.

That is why taking your own site measurements for your site is so important, by understanding the basic measurements and layout you will understand the simple balustrade requirements and placements which you require. The best way to measure is from point to point, start and end.

Remember to amortise 6 meter as best as possible, to get full amortization of materials. EZRails balustrade estimator will work out an average based on your provided measurements. To use the balustrade estimator configurator, you would need to measure each section taken from your layout measured. The balustrade estimator will auto calculate all your posts and infills you will require.

calculate balustrade estimator
installing smart balustrade kit system
  • 6m lengths to amortise from.
  • Accommodates all staircase configurations stair angles and post corners.
  • Staircase must be designed to Standards and designed to accommodate balustrading from the outset.
  • Fixing methods, top mount post fix is the preferred fixing method, for maximum strength and simplified assembly.
  • Misconception using side fix to save space on treads! Post position on the stair tread, 15.88 Horizontal Tube infills to the outside of the tread.

Things to consider
before installing a Smart
Balustrade Kit System

Step 3: Balustrade Estimator

Once you have selected your style, choose your Fixing Method.

Simplify your life with EZRails Smart Balustrade Ready Made Kit Systems.

Effortlessly install with confidence, adjust to suit any staircase angle and configurations without welding,
drilling, or corner/mitring, while ensuring optimal safety by design.

Blind Balustrade DIY Kit Systems by EZRails , enhance your balustrade design with elegance and safety.

Go to site and install regardless of stair angles and configurations with not having to fabricate and weld on site.
Assemble your balustrade into place, using basic hand tools!

Design your Balustrade and Save Cost Select Your Design from Configurator balustrade measurements Enter your
Get an instant quote on your Balustrade Receive a
Quote / Buy
Balustrades delivery Balustrades delivered in approx.
1-2 days by Courier to your door

Balustrade Estimator benefits

  • Get Quote 24/7 itemised bill of materials per area
  • Easy Balustrade estimator configurator, as per your layout
  • Ideal opportunity to configure your layout
  • Configure as you need
  • By understanding your costing configurator by design, you can design to suit your requirements
    Evaluate the benefits of DIY self- install balustrade kit systems
  • Ready Made Balustrade kit systems
  • SABS Certified & Tested
  • Do your own estimations of your required layouts
  • Your installation costs
  • No welding, joining, or drilling infill holes. No staircase angles are required to complete your install
  • Quality and Safety Certified Products
  • Easy to self-assemble
  • Easy order and payment methods

Smart DIY, Self-install Balustrades Kit Systems, offer’s self-install option with many of advantages.

Designed and manufactured mainly for contractors and home owners, looking to save money and protect investment by being in control of their own projects, paying deposits and not receiving the service paid for, is risky.
EZRails balustrade kit systems offer a simple solution to your balustrade needs. Anyone can install with basic principles.

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