Side Wall Mounted Handrail

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Perfect for floating staircases, staircases and locations where ramps and walkways are of key importance. EZRails wall mounted side handrail kit provides an added solution where top mounting is not an option.

The Wall Mounted Handrail Kit comprises a 50.8mm or 38.1mm rail with side wall brackets and end caps as standard.

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  • Choose From Diameter Posts (50.8 mm) or (38,1mm) Round
  • Ready-made, ready to go (stock items)
  • Wall brackets every 1m spacing
  • For Both Commercial and Residential Applications
  • Two Standard Stainless Finishes
  • Side Mount wall Options
  • SABS tested and approved

Kits are supplied complete with rail, brackets, end caps factory attached fittings, for easy assembly.

    Recommended for domestic and commercial:
  • Particularly in hospitals, old age homes and frail care centres
  • Ramps, staircases and walkways
  • Entrance stairways
  • Floating staircases
  • Staircases


What diameter should my handrail be?

EZRails offers Ø 50.8 & Ø38.1 diameter hand rails.

Where should I install my handrail?

Internal or External Staircase wall.

What are the different types of handrails?

A: EZRails offers Ø 50.8 & Ø38.1 diameter Stainless Steel hand rails or Ø48 diameter Round Meranti Timber & 68mm Rectangular Meranti Timber Hand Rails with Flat saddle.

Can I easily install my own handrail?

YES. EZRails have designed an easy self-install method.

Is wall mount handrail system safe?

YES. Tested & approved by SABS.

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