• Before placing order, ensure your balustrade requirements meet scope of work intended with architect & engineer approval before hand.
  • Familiarise yourself with the EZRails products before placing an order, as we do not accept refunds once order has been confirmed and manufactured.
  • Plan & Mark your area carefully to avoid unnecessary over use of materials not amortised, as per supplied quotation. Short supply will not be entertained.
  • EZRails will not be responsible for incorrect supplied items ordered at time of order placement.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the buyer and installer to ensure compliance with building code regulations set for your area/ country.
  • EZRails offer horizontal tube 5-line and 7-line infill systems, a more cost-effective system may not meet local building regulations
  • EZRails offers posts for glass systems, excluding glass.
  • EZRails offers posts for cable systems with 9 lines. Custom made to order on request.
  • EZRails install methods are based on, basic engineering principles.
  • EZRails will not be held responsible for any accidents occurring on site.
  • Wear all protective gear where necessary.
  • Ensure your installation is safe & securely installed and meets with building codes.
  • EZRails does not accept responsibility for poor workmanship. Warranty is on product only.
  • Sika epoxy is a two-part A & B , slow cure epoxy, can be cleaned with water and waterproof post.
  • After installation, Clean with fresh water & Sunlight liquid. EZRails will not be liable for contamination.
  • Coastal areas may require frequent cleaning to avoid contamination.
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